We at ALBERTA HUNTING SARARIS will give you lasting memories of your time in our beautiful country - Namibia. With excellent hunting opportunities and exceptional service and hospitality your safari will become a first class adventure.
The Garden

Our main hunting area is 120 miles southwest of Windhoek (International airport). Hunting takes place on 44 000 acres of private land which consists out of arid rocky mountains, 1800m above sea level and plains of light grass and bush Savannah. Our ranch is on the escarpment of the Namib desert and you can experience breathtaking views onto the pro-Namib while hunting. Landscape

We also have sole access on concessions in various parts of Namibia for bow and rifle hunting. With access to different environments twenty two species of antelope and other game and species not listed can be hunted. Rare and special protected species like klipspringer, leopard and the Hartmann's mountain zebra occur on our land.


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